Icelandic Contemporary Design in Stockholm
by Harry / February 2, 2011

Iceland's design community is planning a large presence for Stockholm Design Week this year. The cornerstone is an exhibition called Icelandic Contemporary Design Week at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Designs presented will run the gamut from how Icelanders organize time or quench their thirst, to defending the population from natural disasters. Or enjoy the island's geo-thermal energy - that's the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa above.

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Fly stools/ tables by Tinna Gunnarsdottir

Works by 22 designers and design teams will be on display at Icelandic Contemporary Design. According to the organizers, "The exhibition will serve to present contemporary Icelandic design abroad. The main purpose is to call attention to the value of good design and effective ingenuity for human society a vital resource for the future."


Shelve Life by Snaefridog Sigridur

"In recent years design has been a growing field in Icelandic culture. This growth has manifested itself in increased quality and greater demands for designers and everything related to design, which has been evidenced by the establishment of the Iceland Design Center. With the opening of the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 1998 design education in Iceland finally established a firm foothold, and as a result the education of Icelandic designers is now closer to life in Iceland then ever before. However, a large proportion of Icelandic architects and designers still pursue their studies abroad. With the emergence of departments of architecture and design in The Iceland Academy of the Arts, the fog is lifting from Icelandic design as it distinguishes its own unique position and a stronger identity."


Borgarfjörður High School by Kurtogpi

"However, Icelandic design has proved resistant to falling under a clearcut identity since Icelandic architects and designers have been trained under the influence of so many different cultural backgrounds. These various educational backgrounds have, however, engendered a certain diversity and international quality, which are doubtless some of the more pronounced characteristics of contemporary Icelandic design. For this reason Icelandic design does not necessarily bear the hallmarks of Nordic design, although it is often designated as such."


Blue Lagoon geothermal spa by VA Arkitektar

Icelandic Contemporary Design opens February 8th, 2011
at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


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