My Top5 This Week
by Harry / January 23, 2011

When I was a youngin' I worked for a bookstore named Cody's Books on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California.

A Sunday review by Sally.

1. Bandit Ruler by Sebastian Bergne

"Working" at Cody's was fun, mostly because we didn't so much "work" as we "f**ked around the whole time." I mean, c'mon! We carried books about how to recycle your pee! A good example of us being terrible employees was that above the information desk (where we'd sit around and answer people's questions like "do you know the title of the book I'm looking for? It's yellow, that's all I know") there was a big hole. We'd have contests to see who could go to lunch first, who was more awesome, etc, by seeing who could shoot a rubber band into the hole first. Extra points if you had a good amount of distance. Because of this, I'm an excellent rubber band shooter, and that's just with my hand! Imagine if I had this ruler! I could destroy entire towns.


2. VolgaDacha by Bureau Bernaskoni

VolgaDacha, your black exterior and outdoor shower are giving me the biggest girl boner ever. I don't want to sexually objectify you, but you are really hot. Can I buy you a drink?


3. PB & J by Pamela Johnson

Welcome to everyday of my life, forever.


4. The Rhythm of Light by Susanne de Graef

Oh, hello there, incredibly sexy chandelier. Want to be my baby's momma? This lamp has me seriously swooning. I like that it was inspired by a 19th century hoop skirt, instead of something lame like "nature" or "childhood." But I think the real inspiration behind it is being a BAMF, because this lamp is a real win!


5. Cross Lamp by Karim Rashid

You know what? Just f**k this. Kill it till it's dead. Ugh.

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