This Week At Art MoCo
by sabine7 / January 14, 2011

This Week at Art MoCo: vectorfunk Rorschach tests, male mob rules, vibrant horizons & fashionable visual poetry. See the rest of the week at Art MoCo after the jump.

Matt W. Moore updates the idea of the Rorschach test with his graphic vectorfunk posters. What do you see when you take a look at these vivid symmetries?

Christian Vincent depicts groups of young males in ways that make the viewer nervous. Mob mentality rules.

If only more landscapes were this colourful. Or perhaps we just aren't looking at them the way Zoë Pawlak does.

Fashion illustrations run the gamut from romantic inks to dramatic portraits in a show called Visual Poetry at Gallery Hanahou.

Lovely ladies in little black dresses, on horseback or out in the rain lure us to the work of Bil Donovan.

More at Art MoCo.

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