Eric Demay's 2010 Design Top 5
by Eric / January 7, 2011

My wish for 2011: seeing a herd of these in the streets.


Extra-ORdinary by Jennifer Rabatel

I have an affection for simple objects that come out of necessity. Tools are by nature useful and to the point. Beautiful it is when generation remix comes and rethinks how the formal qualities of these objects can be twisted and reapplied to another context.


Bronze Age Fireplace tools by Philippe Albert Lefebvre



Sticks and Stones and Broken Bones by Toogood

I enjoy camping in the wild once a year, undeniably to get out of city, but mostly to get closer to my primitive self: hoarding wood for the camp fire, when every meal becomes an accomplished feat. Happy to see designer's embrace this notion of primitive and basic essence and bring it into the home. What's a handle if not a simple stick?

ATMs for the Spanish banking group BBVA by IDEO

A better ATM: it's about time! Simply orienting the machine sideways helps the user feel safer. The whole interface has been simplified and clarified. I'm hoping this one will travel and be adopted by other banks around the world. Fingers crossed.


Autarchy by FormaFantasma

2010 was the year I got interest in making bread. I started making my own, making it often, perfecting the technique. I was surprised by the material-like qualities of dough: well-kneaded, it becomes this incredible, complex structure of gluten; and which, if dried out, becomes incredibly hard and solid. Having vessels made out of gluten based matter is unexpected yet very ingenious. Bravo.


Horsey by eungi kim

Best of year, most excellent: a plastic bike ornament in the shape of a horse. My wish for 2011: seeing a herd of these in the streets.

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