Your Top5 This Week
by Sally / January 1, 2011

This isn't so much a door handle as it is a small bowl to put artisan salts or dipping sauces in.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.

1. XXY Series Door Handles by Valentín Garal

But hey! I like multifunctional design. One day you're using it to open doors, the next you're using it at your dinner party. At least it isn't that extremely creepy glass globe door handle thing by Hideyuki Nakayama.


2. Ogaki House by Katsutoshi Sasaki Associates

Call me crazy but I bet the inspiration behind this was "1980s American dentistry structure."


3. Jorge Guedes House by 100 Planos Architecture

"Overlooks a valley." "Looks amazing from Google satellite." "Facade appears to be concrete." "Sally got her first girl boner of 2011 when looking at this."


4. IVY Modular Shelving by Paris Lowitz

Sorry, this reminds me too much of Vitra's Algue (and Sebastian Errazuriz' Sinapsi for HORM). Next!


5. Threshold Residence by Black + White Studio Architects

I like Alaska. I was there this past July. I searched high and low and left to right for any type of contemporary architecture and there was NOTHING! And I was in Juneau, the capital! Whoever owns this house, can I come over? Just for tea (or for FOREVER)?

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