Aquaraf Carafe by Hegge ID
by Harry / December 22, 2010

Winner of REcentre's drinKraantjeswater sustainable design competition, the Aquaraf is a sustainable water carafe made of porcelain with "the looks of a water tower".


The top portion is the lid for the container and can be used as a cup. The extra wide mouth makes it easy to pour.

Says Jane Withers, one of the judges of the design competition, "it was good to see that most of the designers had really thought about the pouring, storing and drinking of water and materials and forms that suit these actions. ... 'Water Tower' by Hegge ID [is] based on the water towers that loom over the fields of Flanders."


"There are three pieces that can be used in various combinations: you could keep the larger one in the fridge or use it at meals, while the smaller carafe and cup make sense at your desk or by the bed. The bulbous-waisted forms are friendly and satisfying to hold and drink from, and ceramic is of course traditional for drinking water."


Profits from the sale of Aquaraf will be donated to NGO Protos GIREDIN to help provide access to potable water for 40,000 people in Mali.


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