Recent Uploads, Open Design Chairs by Ronen Kadushin
by Harry / December 6, 2010

Ronen Kadushin's latest exhibition, Recent Uploads, is a collection of raw cut, exposed material open design chairs at the Appel Design Gallery in Berlin.

The chairs on display are laser cut from a 6mm aluminum sheet, then bent and assembled by hand.


Twist hinge detail

Says Kadushin, "Bending a piece this thick is made easy using a hallmark detail I formulated a few years back; the integral twist hinge, which makes it possible to plan an exact bending position in a computer drawing, and retain the structural integrity of the chair, as part of the cutout."


Vague Chair, "Unresolved and restless"

"Each chair draws its inspiration from different narratives: design references,
emotional states, city life, and street art. But as a group they realize a personal
design approach that embraces free improvisation and an immediacy of outcomes,
whether a computer image or a physical object."


Tel Aviv Chair, "Impressions from a rough edged city I lived 14 years in."

The collection of chairs is a design exploration into the opportunities that Open Design presents.


Simpleton Chair, "Trying out some good old functional- extreme geometric-formalism. Just for fun."

The chair designs are grouped into three unique structural configurations, each presented in two variations.


Graffiti Chair, "A typical Berlin feature becomes inspiration."


Flatveld Chair, "A homage to the iconic Red and Blue Chair designed in 1917
by Gerrit Rietveld."

The designs of the chairs were recently uploaded to Ronen Kadushin's website for anyone to copy, produce or experiment with.


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