Efficient Home by Mathieu Lehanneur
by Harry / November 23, 2010

Mathieu Lehanneur has just previewed prototypes for the Efficient Home collection designed for Schneider Electric at the St Etienne Design Biennial.


In Home Display and Nano Controller

Conceived as pictograms and symbols, this collection of completely new products is intended to be like an energy alphabet, an identifiable family created to complement each other in various combinations.


Actuator and Room Temperature Sensor

The range of real-time sensors and meters was primarily created to optimize energy consumption in homes with the multiple goals of lowering carbon footprint, reducing the electricity bill and maintain maximum comfort. This home network of sensors (and related data) will be available via the web for consultation and control.


Wireless display and charging base

"An objective made possible by the accuracy of information communicated in real time by these transmitters/ receivers of electric information positioned on the key objects of our everyday consumption (boiler, fridge, television, etc...)."


Nano Controller

Efficient Home is on display until December 5th in the "Demain c'est aujourd'hui" (Tommorrow is Today) section of the St Etienne Design Biennial.

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+ mathieulehanneur.com
+ schneider-electric.fr


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