My Top5 This Week
by Sally / November 22, 2010

These are the Lady Gaga of bathroom accessories.

A Sunday review, a day later, by Sally.

1. Landscape Bathroom Accessories by Thibault Faverie

(see image above)


2. Tuzu Biberi Salt & Pepper Shakers by Emir Rifat Isik

Thank God. I am so over vintage teak salt and pepper shakers. It's like that's your option if you want to be cool. Or maybe those little hugging ones. Or really anything put out by Starck but that's so Miami. These are just rad and cool and they actually remind me a lot of Paola Lenti.


3. Watertable by Sophie Mensen

I really hope that if this design goes into production it gets into the hands of the right consumers. I can absolutely see this being spec'd by some terrible interior designer for a nightclub and then the clients are like "wow, these are totally cool let's put them in all the bathrooms." Then, come club night, all these intoxicated people are in the bathroom trying to figure out what the hell is going on and it turns into an event and then there's all these weird Yelp reviews about "crazy bathrooms" and it's just all too much.


4. House on Punkinville Road by Norelius Studio

Thank you, architect, for showing off the view from the house you designed. It doesn't take away from your beautiful work. On the contrary, it helps us to understand the placement and design of the home.


5. Onirisme by Valentin Chenaille

I think when most normal people (I am not normal) see this art they are taken to a place that's calm and dreamlike (as the description reads). When I see it I think "look at that fat f**king adorable animal!!!!!"

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