Your Top5 This Week
by Sally / November 21, 2010

Call me crazy but I think it's silly to have an entire exterior that's white.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.


1. Villa In Darvishabad by Pouya Khazaeli Parsa

Coming in at the most liked post of the week is a villa in Darvishabad by Pouya Khazaeli Parsa. Call me crazy but I think it's silly to have an entire exterior that's white. Especially when you've got all sorts of vegetation around, just waiting to be blown onto your house, mucking it up and such. Also, what's up with those stairs? I get that railing codes don't exist in a lot of places, but c'mon, people! That's a lot of steps without any help. What happens when Grandma comes and visits?


2. Rufo House by Alberto Campo Baeza

Glass, concrete and a pool. This is the photo they use when you look up "girl boner" on Urban Dictionary.


3. Gunnar's House by Huus Og Heim Architecture

Maybe because it appears to be narrow. Or perhaps it's the use of traditional 6" timber, but doesn't it seem like this house was grown, not built? I know it's a weird thing to say and sure I did watch Harry Potter last night where all sorts of magical stuff happens, but I feel strongly about this.


4. Martinho Les Neyres Residence by Bonnard Woeffray Architectes

This is what pops into a 4-year old's head when you tell them what "funky architecture" is. And not in a good way.


5. TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits by Scott Wilson

Great, another way for children to slyly not pay attention in class. Amuuuurica.

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