Table Lamps by David Taylor
by Harry / November 17, 2010

Sweden's David Taylor has created a made-to-measure table lamp out of stainless steel tubing, clamps and paper.


Says David, "As winter takes a firm grip on Stockholm so the number of lighting objects that leave my workshop increases."


"These two were completed recently and are bound for a private space. Made from brass tubing they exude a sweetly quirky persona, which well matches the journalist couple whose desktops they will be adorning." (above & below)


"These are table lamps that provide an unobtrusive reading/working light for two desks that are pushed together and form the focal point of the room. The room in question is a combined study/workroom/library of a journalist couple who work mainly from their apartment here in Stockholm. Both lights stand about 50 cm in height and are driven by standard 7W low-energy lamps, they are made in brass tubing with a black nylon flock finish on the feet and polished brass stems, The creme coloured shade is hacked from an IKEA swan-neck clamp light, while the silver shade is a fleamarket find in chromed plastic."


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