My Top5 This Week
by Sally / November 14, 2010

Let me get something out of the way: I probably had too many Pisco Sours with brunch.

A Sunday review by Sally.

1. Moose by Lora Zombie (above)

Let me get something out of the way: I probably had too many Pisco Sours with brunch. That said, my number one most favorite post OF ALL TIME (of this week) is this Moose drawing by Lora Zombie. It takes me to a place where there are moose big enough to host entire villages on their antlers while the Moose wears Chuck Taylors and has a very large child (I'm using the village for scale) swinging from said antlers. I also am fixated by the gaze the moose has for the girl. It's like he's almost looking after her like a father figure. I don't know what you know about moose, but they are not very affectionate towards humans. It's nice to envision a world where not only they're larger, but also love us. Now I've got a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly, but that's probably just the Pisco.


2. iPad Shoulder and Hand Strap by modulR

I don't know about you, but I live in a major metropolitan area where people don't run around the neighborhood with their expensive electronics showcased on their bodies. Why? Because you'll get robbed, and quick. I mean, there are laptop bags that are meant to look like old newspapers or manila envelopes. For reals! Why would you ever develop a product that makes the owner such a target? Oh, right. You just graduated from art school! Cute.


3. Orient House by Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects

My God, thank you. It's about time. All too often we here at MoCo Loco get submissions of newly constructed homes that are beautiful, yes, but the press release or the architect's statement is all about how the home "maximizes the views," but they never show them! They just zoom in on the house on a piece of flat land with boooooooooring (I hear a fog horn) boooooooring in the background and you're like "dude, show us the view. It can't be that difficult." And then I think, well, maybe they aren't showing the view because IT'S BETTER than the architecture? Hey, architects! Get some self esteem already. Gosh.


4. "The colour is bright the beauty is generous" by Michael Lin

"...with the collaboration of architects Atelier Bow-Wow." Enough said.


5. Tato Tattoo Tiger Pouf by Maurizio Galante

I wish they'd put a humanoid in the shot so we could get an idea of scale, but generally speaking, I think these poufs are a win. Why? Well, the rabbit looks sad, which is weird and kooky and artsy and I sorta love it. And the Tiger just reminds me of a simpler time (that never happened) when tigers didn't have arms or legs and they were just sort of blobject-like and you bounced them around like beach balls. Ah, the good ol' days.

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