Your Top5 This Week
by Sally / November 13, 2010

Hey, guess what! THERE ISN'T A 'LOWER EAST SIDE' in Vancouver!

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.


1. Crosstown Loft by Campos Leckie Studio

Hey, guess what! THERE ISN'T A 'LOWER EAST SIDE' in Vancouver! It's in NYC, guys. Don't try to gussy up Canada. It's fine the way it is. No need for red lipstick and stilettos. Just say "that one area that's next to Gastown where people do drugs but as Sally's (that's me) Canadian friend Rawb says "I could staple a $20 bill to myself and no one would try to mess with me," you know?" And another thing, if you're going to say a property is "affordable," I'd like to know the price per square foot. That's very American of me, I know. But who knows what your standard of affordable is? I don't. You could be the Queen of England! Or Donald Trump. Everyone has different opinions about what affordability really means, so if you're going to use that as a selling (har har) point you should provide some basic information about it. Just sayin.'


2. Bergman-Werntoft House by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

I feel like the guy who owns this house is an ad exec who smokes cigarettes in the house and plays Brian Blade on his really expensive and nice and aesthetically pleasing Bang & Olufsen stereo system while he sits in some type of highly sought after mid-century modern lounge chair where he stares at the wall with a furrowed brow and contemplates really heavy shitt like whether zompires (combination of a zombie and a vampire) could become a reality and if Lindsey Lohan will make it to 30.


3. Duplex Aquarium/ Cage by Constance Guisset

Not impressed. I want a panther cage inside a shark tank. Email me prototypes!


4. Utilitarian Objects by Dan Funderburgh

I think if you are a frequent reader of my writing here at MoCo Loco then you know more often than not I call bullshit on designers and their creations. And if you were to assume I'd call bullshit on these 'Utilitarian Objects,' I think you'd have the favored bet. However, you're wrong! Booya! In your face. These are so unnecessary and pretty that I really appreciate that Dan Funerburgh designed them. It means that he really, just, doesn't give a f**k about what's practical or needed he just has a need to create. These days folks are designing for the sake of designing and they need to justify that $100,000 design degree that Dad paid for so they come up with these highly conceptual objects that need a 300+ page book to dissect and explain them and it's really all bullshit, in the end. But these pieces, they aren't like that. I could see a layman bunching them together with all the Brooklyn-like one offs but really, Danny Boy (can I call you that, Mr. Funderburgh?) is a highly talented and gifted craftsman who took a lot of time to create something beautiful. And sometimes, but really, only sometimes, is it okay to create (I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT ART) simply because it's beautiful. And it's really f**king hard to pull off.


5. Andrist House by Berrel Berrel Kräutler

F**k yes, thank you. You know how I'm always mumbling (well, yelling) about how there's an extremely fine line between decent contemporary architecture and a bunch of mumbo jumbo right angles formed together out of concrete, steel and glass? It's a very fine line, folks. And blurry. Sometimes I think I'm drunk. This house is fantastic and timeless. Especially loving the use of brick. Simplistic but not boring. Common material but not expected. Square but in all the right places. This is a win.

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