LDN Bicycle by Ross Lovegrove
by Ryan / November 11, 2010

Biomega's integrated bike by Ross Lovegrove is a chainless cycle that has a laminated carbon fiber monocoque frame.


Presented as "furniture for urban locomotion," the LDN has hub gears and disc brakes. The shaft drive offers a tidy look and ride, part of Biomega's objective to have "bike, rider, and style become one."


With a shape inspired by a wishbone, the lightweight LDN frame is made from sheets of carbon fiber that have been built up in layers.


Biomega tries to avoid the exaggerated, lifeless approach of the Scandinavian stereotype by embracing a more organic minimalism.


The studio is taking an interior design aesthetic to the outdoors and bringing the LDN indoors by providing a hole in the frame that serves to lighten the mass and hang up the bike on the wall.

+ biomega.dk
+ rosslovegrove.com


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