PNKYRNG by Dina Kamal
by Harry / November 4, 2010

Galerie BSL in Paris is hosting an exhibition of minimalist rings, a collection for men and women created by Lebanese architect and designer Dina Kamal. "Rings with simple, refined, rational and thought-out lines, to be worn on the small finger,– a ‘pinky ring’".


Inspired by Bauhaus, Kamal's minimalist design reinterprets the mythical signet ring with variations in 18 carat brushed or polished gold tones: yellow; pink; beige; black; white.


Through the purity of its shape, reminiscent of geometric abstraction, and attention paid to proportion PNKYRNG is a contemporary interpretation of Bauhaus aesthetics.’


Emphasizes Dina Kamal, "‘I wanted to revisit, with respect to these codes, the signet ring which has always been a synonym of confidence, style and assertiveness.’"


"This ring worn by Roman dignitaries, then by kings, adopted in the 20th century by dandies, liberated women and avant-garde artists, brought up-to-date by rap icons, has had its distinguished simplicity restored."




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