My Top5 This Week
by Sally / October 31, 2010

This is a great example of the architecture of today.

A Sunday review by Sally.


1. Edge House by Apollo Architects

This is a great example of the architecture of today. Why? Because it says "f**k you, neighbor."


2. MLH House by Cubo Design Architect

I have a certain admiration for this home because I like the stupidity of the painted/stained black exterior and the beauty of the exposed plumbing in the bathroom.


3. Lunch with Todd Bracher

Allow me to be frank: Todd Bracher is a total babe. Plus, he's undercover. There's something attractive about that. A lot of the world's best designers think they're more popular than their designs. Clearly Bracher here has the right idea. Also, I have one of his pieces from Zanotta, so I SUPER love him.


4. Untitled (Knight) by Morgan Herrin

We all want what we can't have. I want curly hair and a larger chest. What else do I want? Patience. Can you imagine taking a year to complete a project? I wouldn't last five minutes. Not even three minutes. Envy.


5. Luohkka Headstone by Johan Kaupi

I'm against burying the dead because I like architecture and God isn't making any more space. That said, if I had to bury someone important to me this is the tombstone I'd go with. The tree's growth helps you move on, but also helps keep the dead's spirit alive. Very beautiful and touching.

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