Your Top5 This Week
by Sally / October 30, 2010

This is what it would look like if Zaha Hadid and Masamichi Katayama (google him, he's my favorite) had a Corian baby.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.


1. Ukiyo-e Floating Garden by Coirier, Marion & Lopez

I'm always looking for new and innovative ways that designers incorporate plants into their designs. I think this would be great over a kitchen island. Eye level. You could grow herbs to cook with!


2. Doll's House by Ana Rosa

It's hard to make a call on this design because we know so little about it. What's the scale like? Assuming it's a proper doll house, it could make for a nice centerpiece. I'm on the fence about it. The "inspired by German architecture" sentence really puts me off. Not because I hate Germans or their architecture, but because it's so damn vague of a statement. Like me designing a slanted house in AutoCAD and saying it was "inspired by America." It just doesn't calculate correctly!


3. LladrĂ³: The People & The Process (Part 1)

ACTION SHOTS! What's better? Here at MoCo Loco we love the finished product, but we're equally as interested in the process. When designers submit photos of the work being developed it's a real thrill. This visit to the LladrĂ³ workshops was no exception.


4. This Week at Art MoCo

I don't know anything about art except that I hate Rothko so I'm going to stick to design and give this one a thumbs up but a pass.


5. Hipflask by Tom Cecil

This should be the most liked post of the week, hands down. People, PEOPLE! How often do we see innovation with FLASKS? How about NEVER! I'm so sick of silver flasks with script type engraved into it. Give me something fresh and new! Seriously, if this flask was a man I'd ask it out on a date.

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