Ukiyo-e Floating Garden by Coirier, Marion & Lopez
by sabine7 / October 27, 2010

Made of resin and fibreglass, Ukiyo-e is a hanging garden that allows a greater emphasis to be placed on the plants that grow at eye level.


Designed by Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez for Vertilignes, Ukiyo-e makes use of vertisol. This special soil developed by Vertilab is a mixture of an organic and a non-organic component to enhance the plant's time span. This soil allows the time between watering to be longer than usual.


In Japanese, ukiyo-e has three meanings:
Images of the floating world
Images of the world which passes
Images of the unstable world

These allusions to enigma are embodied by the planter, whose suspension offers a new perspective on indoor gardening.


Raising the garden to a new height adds both mystery and respect to the aesthetics and satisfaction provided by this patch of green.



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