2 + 1 Light Space Homes by Esclice
by Yvan / October 21, 2010

Architects Eriks Grube, Martins Hermansons and Toms Kokins of Riga's ARHIIDEA Arhitekti present the ESCLICE line of prefabricated homes.


The designers call their approach "Light Space" and they express it in several designs. Shown above is the interior of their two-storey "2 + 1" model.


A single-storey model with the same roof structure is called "Native". It is 13.5 metres long, by 3 metres wide, by 5.3 metres high.


Buyers can specify space allocation and choose finishing materials. The manufacturer oversees delivery, site preparation, landscaping, engineering and communication solutions.


"The Light Space brand embodies a new type of exclusivity" say the architects. "It's a space without bonds or limits. A space that is mature and easy to use." They say Latvia is a young country with an old soul and a resilient view of the future.



From the architects:


The conception of the house was created deriving inspiration from rye-bread loaf, not just semantically but ideologically as well. To gain a good satiety it is enough with a good hunk of bread and there is no need to eat up the whole loaf that could be referred to overwhelming private house building traditions in Latvia. Industrial production of the house allows reducing house project costs to the utmost that concerns constructive, engineering and technical parts using standard solutions, that allows increasing the quality of interior and exterior decoration of finishing as well as the quality of technical solutions.

Developing this project the following guidelines were taken into account: Material and intellectual resources of local origin- producers of idea, architecture, design and management ( SIA " Arhiidea " ), furniture collection mint, interior decoration ( SIA " Rauzas kompānija " ), constructive solutions ( SIA " Kurbads " ), materials,
windows, doors and realization ( SIA " BykoLat " ). Flexibility of interior and exterior to meet clients demands. Options possible choosing room planning, interior and exterior decoration. Energy effciency - facilities developed in a way to perform the best quality there are used so called blow-test system that indicates heating stability of the building. Mobility of the building - building can be delivered anywhere in the world in a finished way.


Total area of the building is 42 m2, it is designed for 2+2 lodgers. Taking into consideration the interior body-size the planning is linear. On the frst floor towards the outside terrace and the portal the living area is situated with its soft furniture group, breakfast counter, where from the other side the kitchen area is situated with its built-in household technique. Further on the hallway leads to bed-room and bathroom with a shower. Stairway situated in the living area leads to lounging area on the second floor.


Other designs include stacked units for multi-family dwellings as well as a cabin on stilts (above) called "Egoist".



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