Hopper Furniture Collection by Dirk Wynants
by Yvan / October 20, 2010

Belgian designer Dirk Wynants adds the indoor / outdoor Hopper collection to his Extremis line of furniture. Several tables can be linked and fitted with oil lamps, ice buckets, grilling surfaces and an awning.


Wynants planted a hop orchard a few years ago and brewed his own beer with the first harvest. He christened the brew "Tremist". The idea for name of the furniture line came from there and from Wynants' mission at Extremis to make what he calls "tools for togetherness".


Says Wynants: "Our designs are a result of all the functionality we think necessary when conceiving a new product and not the contrary. The starting point never is "let's make a beautiful product", but rather how can we offer added value. If we have achieved all of this, only then can we think of making it beautiful".


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