Your Top5 This Week
by Sally / October 16, 2010

This is the most liked post of the week because it looks like an Apple store.

The Top5 most Liked posts this week reviewed by Sally.


1. Distance of Fog by StudioGreenBlue

Coming in at the most liked post this week is the Distance of Fog house by StudioGreenBlue. This is the most liked post of the week because it looks like an Apple store. Look at that smooth, brushed aluminum facade. Mmmm... It's like your walking around your very own MacBook Air (I bet the owners only wear black turtlenecks).


2. House in Sunami by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect

Hiroshima, concrete, hillside house. This place is a real win. It's like meeting a supermodel who wants to talk about Lord of the Rings with you. Or finding a puppy that's already trained. Amazing and completely unexpected.


3. Tribeca Loft by Fearon Hay Architects

Most of us have been in this situation. You move or visit a home that has a really, really, really open floorplan. The three doors in the entire place are the front, bathroom and fridge doors. And you think to yourself, "wow, dude. I could totally install some custom track system and then install floor-to-ceiling fabric panels to separate space. Whoa!" And then you do some research and you realize the custom tracks are $10,000 and the fabric you want is $90 a yard (you need 510 yards). So you settle for a couple of Expedit from IKEA and maybe a screen or two from the nearby pawn shop. Writing that made me really depressed.


4. l'Arte di vivere Seating by Tord Boontje

Really, Moroso and Tord Boontje? Let me ask you this: if Tord were to have designed this, say, four years ago, would anyone even notice the difference? I understand that it's important to have consistency and staples within your design career, but at this point I think Tord's afraid to try anything even remotely different from his typical whimsical floral designs. So over it.


5. Tree House by Architektur 109

I want to like this house because it's cool looking but it's called a tree house and it's not a tree house. LIAR! It's called a tree house because it looks over a walnut tree. That is not a tree house. A tree house is a house built into a tree. I feel like I just got punched in the stomach.

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