This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / October 15, 2010

This Week at Art MoCo: quiet still life photos, wild abstract colour, urban living, flour & water and a tortured poet. See the rest of the week at Art MoCo after the jump.

An upcoming John Stewart retrospective is a chance to become acquainted with still lifes that speak of visual poetry.

Movement, splashes of wild colour and circles are the ingredients in recent work by Neil Canning, but that doesn't half describe the evident energy in this St. Ives' artist's work.

Futurism and Expressionism meet in paintings by Will Barras. City life and its protagonists are depicted in colours that are surprisingly soft.

Flour and water make up the place settings instead of the meal in a new installation by Andere Monjo.

Anyone with a penchant for early 20th century French-Canadian poetry will appreciate an exhibition of work by Marcel H. Poirier: portraits of Emile Nelligan.

More at Art MoCo.

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