Twisted lights and bowls by Erwin Zwiers
by Yvan / October 11, 2010

Dutch designer Erwin Zwiers chose bendable plywood as his medium to produce his twisted light fixtures and table bowls.


Bendable plywood has a single face veneer and its core plies are layered with the grain perpendicular to the face in order to allow for bending across the grain.


The wood is usually soaked with water to keep it pliable while it is being shaped.


When properly handled, Zwiers says the flexibility of the material invites the crafting of organic forms.


Strips of wood are wrapped around an initial shape and the structure "grows" as more strips are added. Every piece is assembled by hand and the final shape is unique.


"It's an object and a utensil" says Zwiers. "The shape and the material make it an attractive object to behold and once it's put to use, it takes on another dimension".


Zwiers has studied 3D design, furniture making and he interned with a harpsichord builder. His workshop is located in Castricum, North Holland.


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