My Top5 This Week
by Sally / October 10, 2010

I'm going to coin a new term for describing something that I find beyond awesome.

A Sunday review by Sally.


1. South Eagle Addition by Jeremy Levine

I'm going to coin a new term for describing something that I find beyond awesome: "girl boner." This home addition gives me a girl boner. The description keeps it simple: "...that suspends a new master bedroom on a steel frame." I have a girl boner for steel. Steel, concrete and glass. I also am totally digging what appears to be the red-colored concrete. The whole facade presents a very warm presence.


2. L'Horta Dining Table by Que Maten Al Diseñador

When I was a young child my family had an ornate frog tank that was placed on the center of our dining table. Within the tank were a variety of toads and frogs. It was a beautiful scene, and often made eating dinner more enjoyable and entertaining. Until they started to cannibalize. I'd be eating my spaghetti and I'd look up to find Frank the Frog fighting for his life, because Tuesday the Toad was hungry and was eating Frank's leg off. It was terrifying and to this day whenever I see rather elaborate center pieces all I can think about is poor Frank the Frog.


3. Cocon by Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel

What is this? A sofa Snuggie? How is that even possible?


4. L'Horta Eco Security Alarm by Que Maten Al Diseñador

I'm in a committed relationship with a person that I'm in love with. But how much fun would it be to have someone over (to spend the night!!!) for the first time, and then when you're doing the deed you're like "oh, wait, stop for a second. The crickets have gone silent." And dude's just looking at you like "this woman is insane," as you tiptoe through the house to see if someone has broken in.


5. Hanger Room Divider by Tresypico

I like this piece because it's functional, uses felt, and makes sense. It also doesn't take itself too seriously (note the unevenness of the stitching), which is a rarity in design.

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