Fontaine Domestic Pond by Mathieu Lehanneur
by sabine7 / October 4, 2010

Domestic water features, or Domestic Ponds, have been the object of much research and development by Duende Studio and Mathieu Lehanneur, Benjamin Graindorge and Eric Jourdan since 2008.

Mathieu Lehanneur's earlier project, Local River, began the cycle that was based on a theme based on objects that "use or manipulate living objects" such as the aquarium that supports a connected living garden.


Now Fontaine makes use of glass, terra cotta and ceramic for the aquarium, sand filter and plant pot. The cycle is simple: water is drawn from the aquarium to be filtered by the sand and then flow into the plants, returning, purified, to the aquarium.


Liquid Garden by Benjamin Graindorge

Liquid Garden by Benjamin Graindorge is a combination of blown-glass aquarium and vase.


A landscape of plants in glass blown by Matteo Gonet sits upon the backlit aquarium base gives off an effect of neo-bio dandy, "dedicated to the Des Esseintes of the 21st century longing for living artificiality."


Liquid Garden by Benjamin Graindorge

Not only does the symbiosis of fish and plant life create a system of aquaponics, but this synthesis of vasescape and aquarium provides for a visually interesting piece of living sculpture as well.


Castle Aquarium by Eric Jourdan

Jourdan's interpretation is that of a domestic pond where users are given the point of view of the water's edge at a lake, rather than the full-on approach of a television screen. A mix of glass and ceramic vessels represent a moat and a water tower that integrates plants and sand.


Currently showing at Galerie Bsl in Paris, Domestic Ponds presents the aquarium as a metaphor of the "human condition stuck in a frighteningly finite world and an object paradoxically judged as very has been, reserved for aficionados of aquatic maintenance." The vision is aesthetic, practical and metaphorical. The show runs through November 27, 2010.


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