Your Top5 This Week
by Harry / October 3, 2010

Your Top 5 is all architecture this week. Number one, above, is a house in Lithuania built for an entrepreneur in the agricultural production business, aka a farmer.


1. Utriai Residence by Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners

Built for a family of three, its standout feature is a cantilevered section that doubles as a carport. The design was inspired by Noah's Ark "where the family with all their belongings and animals moved from the city."


2. Cabaña Irma Cabezas by Diego Mendoza Valenzuela

A compact pine wood-clad house in Paine, Chile for an elderly woman who wanted to live alone. The program's focus was simplicity, to reduce to a minimum the movement required to live in the house. Of note, a cathedral ceiling and a large floor to ceiling window in the entrance way.


3. Twin Lofts by Federico Delrosso

A multi-story loft in a former industrial space in Milan combines muted colors (white, grey, natural brown and black) and simple materials (glass, wood and iron).


4. Buser / Chapoton Residence by Mayer Sattler-Smith

A house in Alaska designed for a professional musher (yes, dogsleds!). Oriented to maximize views of the landscape, to the north is Mount Mckinley, or as the locals call it denali which means the high one in Athabaskan. "Some consideration for sustainable design include a heat recovery ventilation system, triple pane glazing and a double furring wall for the exterior walls." Which also happens to help with the energy bill in Alaska.


5. Loft in Paris by Colboc Franzen et Associés

A 3-story loft in the 10ème arrondissement of Paris with an interior design inspired by winter gardens, kind of like the ones built by nobility in the 18th and 19th century, but this one with rough hewn pine and glass instead of wrought iron and glass.

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