LDF 2010: Anti Design Festival
by Jaime / September 30, 2010

A newcomer to the Design Week line-up is Neville Brody's Anti Design Festival. Created as a response to the self-proclaimed creative, "deep freeze," that has been occurring over the past several decades, the ADF is offering a range of exhibitions, workshops and events at several locations throughout Shoreditch.


The main venue had several highlights, which include Dominic Wilcox's 30 Objects in 30 Days project and a lighting series called Design Consequences. Wilcox has imposed upon himself the creative challenge to produce a new design every day for a month. The project, still ongoing, documents his inspirations, processes and results.


Items have ranged from lamps made from baking dough covered light bulbs (Day 6) to flip flop conversion wedges (Day 18).



When we came across Wilcox he was still brain storming Day 19 while hovering intently over some very nicely arranged paint chips.


Design Consequences is a project based on the drawing game Exquisite Corpses. Each light was made by three different designers, who individually created either the tail, body or head. After the first section was assembled, it was covered with cardboard with only a small hint of the piece remaining, as the starting point for the next designer. The process was repeated and the final compositions were revealed during the ADF launch.


+ antidesignfestival.com
+ dominicwilcox.com


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