Green Frame House by Astori De Ponti Associati
by sabine7 / September 23, 2010

In the continuing quest for sustainable architecture, the Green Frame House by Studio Astori de Ponti Associati (seen here at Abitare il Tempo di Verona) uses a container structure as the foundation of the project.



Led by architects Antonia Astori, Nicola De Ponti and Ester Pirotta, the Green Frame House is explained by the following statements: "The Green Frame House project has come about from a meeting between ideas and dreams: the dream to restore life, meaning and utility to the container, understood as an abandoned object, and the idea of experimenting with a sustainability by defining forms for consolidated dwelling starting from an industrial module."


"In this sense the Green Frame House layout display presented at the fair possibly constitutes a kind of worksite in progress of a more ambitious project, one of broader scope, which aims to make this meeting a reality."


"The exacerbation of the contrast between finished and unfinished, between domestic interior and lived-in, corroded exterior expressly aims to bring out the latent vocation of these modular elements for dwellings. The attempt is to make a further small contribution by giving back to the container module the dignity of a dwelling that is neither ephemeral nor alternative."


The focus of the project is the life cycle of the container. The goal is to keep it from being discarded while preserving the appeal of its industrial design.


Green Frame House was presented at Abitare il Tempo di Verona.




Photos: Tom Vack

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