LDF 2010: Studio Toogood Super Natural
by Jaime / September 20, 2010

Once again, the multi disciplinary designers at Studio Toogood have created one of the stand out shows at the festival.


Super Natural offers a pop-up cafe, installations, limited edition items and the launch of Studio Toogood's first furniture collection; all based on the theme of, "foraging, collecting and observing the English countryside."


Upon entry visitors are greeted with a unique installation of foraged mushrooms by Hampshire expert Brigitte Tee. Inside, a temporary cafe has been set-up by the experimental food group, Arabeschi di Latte along with cheese shop La Fromagerie.

In addition to creating the impeccable interior styling of the space, this year Studio Toogood has ventured into several product design projects.


The first is their own prototype furniture collection called Assemblage which is based on the elements of wood, brass and stone.


Also on display are a limited edition of thirty Bin bags, binocular cases repurposed for, "modern city life."



Studio Toogood has also teamed up with manufacturer ize to create a collection of hardware cast from found bones, sticks and stones.

+ studiotoogood.com


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