LDF 2010: Framed by Stuart Haygarth & John Jones
by Jaime / September 20, 2010

If a theme for this year's London Design Festival can be drawn from just one day of shows, it is the continued focus on simplicity and the hand crafted touch.


Designers are still emphasizing the narrative just as much, if not more than, an object's function. Tales of local sourcing and tradition abound. Collections range from the refined new furniture series by Studio Toogood to the more experimental, like Peter Marigolds terracota Dug and Stuff vessels. With Global Industry at the Dock and phase two of Bodging Milano at Designersblock yet to come, it seems like this story line will continue.


This year, the V&A museum is one of the hubs for the London Design Festival, hosting special exhibitions, installations and events. One of the highlights is Framed, a collaborative project between designer Stuart Haygarth and framing company John Jones of London.


Accentuating one of the museum's marble staircases, Haygarth has created a new pathway for visitors that is, "akin to 3D graffiti." To make the installation, specialists from John Jones used thirty-one types of frames in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, totaling over 600 meters in length.

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+ johnjones.co.uk


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