My Top5 This Week
by Sally / September 12, 2010

Samuli, please contact me. I want to be friends with you.

A Sunday review by Sally.

1. Biodegradable Roll Lampshade by Samuli Naamanka

Samuli, please contact me. I want to be friends with you. You can't even SHOW your entire product in this shot because you were too busy looking like a magician. I am in love with you. My boyfriend is turning 30 next month and I am throwing him a surprise party. I'd like to hire you for entertainment and you can do some tricks and just make that face and that motion with your hands. I will give you $50USD.


2. Influence by Nancy Otto

Nancy Otto, do you have a secret you want to share with us? Because these are rather phallic looking. I hate to be crude, but there happens to be a sex shop that specializes in glass... hm.... ornamentation down the street from where I live. You could easily get a job as a designer there. That's a good thing! You've found your niche.


3. Protoshop: Growing Pot by Pipsa Kämäräinen

Only 5 likes? How is that possible? Do any of you keep potted plants at home? This is a brilliant idea and if it actually hit the international market it would be a sensation. Flawless.


4. Light Fixture Shaped By The Duct by .PSLAB

I'm rather cynical and jaded when it comes to design, but I'm going to make an exception to my attitude for this light fixture. It's fantastic. The different levels, the flatness of the bottom, the way it curves at the top. It all makes for a great, well-rounded design. Form, function, and price tag. All are in order. This lighting system is a win.


5. Polyp Laundry Hamper by Helene Steiner

Okay, Helene Steiner, I know that "God isn't making any more space," but come on. The last thing I want to see when I'm invited over for dinner is someone's dirty underwear hanging from the wall. Seriously.

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