La Ruota del Tempo Perpetual Calendar by Enrico Azzimonti
by sabine7 / August 30, 2010

A perpetual calendar by Enrico Azzimonti reflects the endless cycle of the wheel of time.


Designed for Diamantini & Domeniconi, La Ruota del tempo is composed of stacked ceramic wheels that go through a vigorous kiln process at temperatures of 1050º C, 960º C and 920º C.


The laser cut pointer is the timekeeper that indicates the date. Rotate the wheels and all will be aligned, giving the user some fleeting sense of being able to control time.


Tabla, with its chalkboard clock face, puts some fun into keeping time and leaving timely messages.


The birch clock, also designed by Azzimonti, comes with coloured chalk and felt chalkboard erasers that are stored in a pull-out drawer.


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