Your Top5 This Week
by Harry / August 29, 2010

Even though this week was Art Week four out of five of your favorite posts were design posts (we can take a hint). Number one, above, is a Swedish take on a North American phenomenon - the golf and country club residential village.


1. Woodlands by Henning Larsen Architects

59 of these houses were built at Woodlands in Ă–rkelljunga, Sweden. Of note, the houses are built on pillars "so you get the feeling of floating on the slopes between the treetops."


2. Two Houses in Orsara by Raimondo Guidacci

Two infill houses in the medieval town of Orsara, Italy are connected via a common backyard but are located on different streets. The irregular shaped lot is filled with these two structures constructed of local materials - Apricena stone, oak boards, and white walls - with a distinctly modern design.


3. Ware House by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates

To many this house by Shinichi Ogawa and Associates would appear to be a warehouse. However the surprisingly small "one room space" is an exquisite example of Japanese minimalism with its wall of glass separating a spare outdoor courtyard from the spare but well ordered interior. A strategically placed skylight is the only other connection to the exterior. The space is closed to its neighbors but open to the exterior at the same time. This is definitely one of my favorites too.


4. Address Numbers by Object Creative

These bent metal house numbers can be custom finished: powdercoat, anodized aluminum, rust, and brushed or polished stainless steel. I'd take stainless steel for the city and rust for the cottage.


5. My State of the Art: Dan Kenneally

The one Art Week post in your top five was... minimalist. Dan Kenneally eats and paints sandwiches.

My favorite quotes from Dan:

"Realism is impressive, but I don't see the point in re-creating
what is already in this world.

Everyone's job is more demanding and draining which is making people question what they really want to do. A lot of people are inspired to create as a result of this."

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