Obsession Arm Chair by Kwangho Lee
by Harry / August 9, 2010

Kwangho Lee, known for his intricate woven wire lights, has applied his knit and tangle technique to furniture in a series called Obsession.

We asked Kwangho Lee about Obsession,


Obsession Chair

What made you go from lighting to furniture? Will you develop more knitted furniture?

It was quite a natural switch - I wondered how far I could go with knitting and at that time I wanted to make furniture as well. I went to the material market and saw piles of PVC tube and it was then I decided to knit furniture with it. I don't plan on developing more of them any more. It take a lot of time and causes physical pain (my fingers and back!). Now, I'm working on new series of furniture made of copper and it's really fun.


How have your ideas about knitted cord changed or developed since you started working with this medium? How has your approach changed?

In the beginning I focused more on the knitting technique and as years went by, the technique got skilled and now I focus more on the form and shapes - I intend to keep on working with this medium for as long as I can. But I don't mean that I'd use only this for my works. All my works are handcrafted and I use familiar, everyday materials. The process is like cooking, I go to the material market and search for materials that I can use to make something (just like grocery shopping) and gather them to make a piece. I usually choose a material and keep on using it for a long period of time.


Skin-copper green stool

Tell us about your collection that isn't knitted. How did this furniture come about?

From knitted lamps I progressed to knitted furniture. To keep the frame-less knitted furniture solid, I made them into minimal shapes. And it was then that I realised the minimal shapes were very interesting in their own way so I decided to go on with the shapes but in a different medium such as copper. I think my works flow one to another with some connection to the prior works, be it new ideas or inspiration I get during the process. I view my working process as a study & experiment of various materials. The new copper furniture series will someday lead me to produce a new series of pieces.


Obsession Cabinet


Obsession Stool


Obsession Olive Chair


Obsession Chairs and Low Table


Skin-copper green low table


Skin-copper green white stool

Kwangho Lee, lifelike design, an exhibition of his works will be on display during Design September 2010 in Brussels at Hunting and Collecting (in collaboration with Victor Hunt) from September 10th to 30th.

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