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by sabine7 / August 17, 2010

When a multi-media artist who looks at pattern from an architectural perspective pairs up with a painter specializing in encaustics, the result is wallpaper that is out of the ordinary. Trove is a young company made up of Randall Buck and Jee Levin who put the focus on wallcoverings with large-scale patterns that are more random than most and veer away from traditional repeats. Their organic imagery is simply seductive. Trove provides art for walls rather than paper to merely cover them up.



Although many of your papers are nature-inspired, they have a dramatic contemporary edge that is hard to define. How do you manage to take birds and flowers and make them out of the ordinary?

We like the challenge of taking traditional motifs and transforming them into a completely new image. We do this by contemplating the life of the subject. Birds are definitely one of the more common wallpaper motifs. They are always pictured sitting on branches, trapped in cages, etc...The idea of someone sitting inside with pictures of caged birds on the wall was ironic, to say the least. We hadn't seen any wallpaper designs which portrayed the birds as they are most beautiful, free in flight.


Fuoco - detail

Fuoco is a dramatic and elegant wallpaper that depicts boxes at a theatre - are there similar patterns in store? What is the backstory to this piece of work?

We are never sure of what's next. We have ongoing sketches and designs but they don't all translate into wallpaper. Fuoco was a quick right turn for us. Quick because we hadn't really expected it. We are in the museums and galleries every week. We had stumbled upon a historical photograph of Teatro La Fenice. We were both completely mesmerized and knew instantly it would be in the next collection.





What sorts of emotions do you try to bring out with your work? What types of atmospheres do you most enjoy creating?

We hope our work brings forth emotion of some sort, the range and depth is out of our hands. We hope our designs help create atmospheres of beauty, inspiration, and peace.


Alula - detail

Most of your designs evoke air, water and earth - what are your favourite elements? What images can you not let go of?

The natural world is the greatest source of our inspiration. At first thought it would seem making wallpaper depicting the power and beauty of our natural world would be at contrast with the making of the product. We feel the design should work in compliment to the material. ...



... We are constantly seeking the best materials and processes that do not deplete our natural resources. We hope the designs inspire people to preserve and protect our world. Images we cannot let go of...the outline of the rainforest on a map, a field of cherry trees in full bloom, a clear blue sky.

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