Temporary Night Clutch by Premrudee Leehacharoenkul
by sabine7 / August 4, 2010

The convergence of architecture and art in design is clear in Premrudee Leehacharoenkul's Temporary Night clutch for What's More Alive Than You. The purse is based on a rigid tubular form made of 32 thin tubes of Alutex, an aluminized fibreglass fibre product.


The tubes are bound together by embroidery and silk to form a single panel, which is then rolled to form the cylinder. Two disks form the ends; the top is left open.


Alutex is a material usually employed in furniture and design, so by incorporating its high tech properties into a fashion accessory, Leehacharoenkul has created a clutch that is not only pretty, but resistant.


Claudia Civilleri's Up Shoes are based on an initial concept of shoes molded in polyurethane. It was then decided that better stability and ergonomics were the goal, so a different process was adopted.


Using an embroidery machine from the seventies that was found in a basement, Civilleri sewed strips of two-tone leather to create channels for stuffing one of the colours in order to create bulges. This was done to imitate the initial swelling obtained by using the plastic materials.


A single piece of this stitched material makes up a combine upper and base, making the shoe lighter.

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