DreiX - A Balanced Shelf by Christian Kim
by sabine7 / July 21, 2010

Choreography and balance are design elements in the DreiX Balanced Shelf by Christian Kim.


Fascinated by movement and balance, as many of us are, German designer Christian Kim marries aesthetics with movement for a shelf that can go from being a horizontal row of cube shelves to one that is set on the diagonal.


As Kim puts it, "Therefore it was important not only to determine the shape of the shelf but also to choreograph the movement of these shapes. By creating physical movement of the furniture there is an additional aesthetic dimension added to the object, which provides the shelf with its own vivid character."


"Taking the human fascination for the movement of objects into account, this work tries to question the way of using shelves and to show new possibilities regarding human-object interaction and the perception of rooms. Thus it is not only possible to create an equilibrium within the shelf but also to achieve balance in a room through an imbalance of the shelf."

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