Video: Scott Wilson Presents The SW_1 Collection
by Ryan / June 26, 2010

At NeoCon 2010 in Chicago designer Scott Wilson showed us MINIMAL's new lounge-inspired conference furniture for Coalesse, the SW_1 Collection. Video after the jump.

Part 1

In this video, Scott Wilson explains how MINIMAL "took a lot of mass out" of the typical conference room chair by using three dimensional knits (similar to the ones used for running shirt designs for Nike) for the chair back.


Upholstery was limited to specific touch points on the chair leaving room for light to pass through and reducing both material and cost.

Part 2

"At the center of the collection is the conference lounge" with a generous chair that accommodates shifting body postures (for long meetings) and a table with a pullout tablet for laptops.


A clever portable "Power Pod" puts a power strip on top of the table and, when not in use, is covered with an organizer.


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