Hues Tables by Outofstock
by sabine7 / June 30, 2010

When we first learn Venn diagrams as children, we have no idea how often they will pop up in life. The new Hues tables by Outofstock can be used singly or overlapped for full effect.


Hue Tables

The nesting tables have glass tops that have been sandblasted and coloured after being cut by water-jet.


Easy Chair & Biscuit Stools

The smooth lines of Easy are thanks to the bent plywood finished in a maple veneer. The ample proportions are supported by a brace made by stacking the front and rear leg frames.

Inspired by traditional stool at a Singapore fish market, the oak Biscuit stool is screw-free. Biscuit's curved edges are easy on the thigh.


Boya Lamps

The Boya lamp was inspired by nautical beacons and marine buoys.


Raft Sofa

Built like a raft out of ash rods, this sofa's frame can be dissembled for easy transport through narrow spaces like stairwells and apartment doorways. The cushions are strapped on.


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