Trappeur Chair by Samare
by sabine7 / July 1, 2010

Samare's new collection is based on the legacy of the Canadian interior or Pays d'en haut where much of the nation-building logging and fur trade once took place. This Montreal-based studio shows how contemporary design can borrow from tradition.


Trappeur Chair and Stool in beaver

Local materials were key to the survival of the trappers and traders. The Trappeur Chair is the reinterpretation of an old legend from the days of the fur trade: apparently lying on a fur would re-energize the trappers after long days in the woods.


Trappeur Chair in sheepskin

The Trappeur chair and stool are made up of a steel framework with back and seat in beaver or sheepskin. Draped over the chair is the Surface Fleche, a blanket woven with the design traditionally used for belts for the trappers.


Babiche Tray

The Babiche tray is made of traditional rawhide weaving and steel, an update on the babiche furniture for which Samare has become known.


Curling Table (closed)

This side table celebrates Canada's Scottish heritage and a national passion for the sport of curling. An authentic curling stone is mounted on steel legs.


Curling Table (open)

The Curling table can also be used for storage.


Drave Table

The Drave table is an homage to the draveurs, the loggers who rode logs down the mighty rivers to the sawmills. The wood is wild cherry.


Courtepointe Bench

The Courtepointe bench is based on a traditional quilt pattern used for quilts that were often part of a wedding trousseau.

The Pays d'en haut Legacy collection, which marks a steady evolution for Samare, was shown at Salone Satellite in Milan this year.


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