This Week At Art MoCo
by sabine7 / June 18, 2010

This week at Art MoCo we've been taking a look at work we saw at the Tuttobene show in Milan such as Doreen Westphal's fossilized concrete. What makes these projects stand out are the unusual materials that produce unexpected results. See the rest of the week at Art MoCo after the jump.

Doreen Westphal also uses found objects that she embeds in concrete for her line of fossilized tiles, mugs and vases.

Marjan van Aubel has developed a technique to create foam porcelain.

Liquid polymer meets sand mold to result in Sjoerd Jonkers' Neolastic vases.

Horsehair makes the mobile when textile artist Marianne Kemp is behind the weaving process.

And what better use for one's old car than a full-sized Transformer by Nikola Nikolov?

More at Art MoCo.

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