Autofficina: Kopje Kopje by rENs
by sabine7 / June 3, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood and the Princess, classic childhood motifs, peer over the edge of these porcelain cups by rENs and featured in the Autofficina exhibition of work by six Dutch design studios. The exhibition was dramatically lit, with the components strategically placed so as to emulate a still life.


Lloop lamp by Ontwerpduo together with Vij5

A wooden spool allows loops to be created, shortened or lengthened in order to adjust the height of this hanging lamp.


Langpootkast Cupboard by rENs

Having one small drawer set high in a position of importance, this chest of 'drawer' is destined to house anything but the run-of-the-mill.


Volt Table by Reinier de Jong

Facetted, yet minimal.


REK Bookcase by Reinier de Jong

For fewer books, slide the panels in. For more, pull out.


Copper Cabinet by David Derksen

This cabinet is made entirely of 0.1 millimetre thick copper foil. This fragile cabinet is designed to storage precious and delicate objects.


Undercover Beauty by Deridder Design Studio

By engraving the peony flower into the laminated chipboard, a semblance of simple beauty is bestowed on an otherwise humble product. The engraving highlights the honest nature of a cheap product, hopefully prolonging its use.


Siamese Twins by Studio Vraay


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