Laikingland: Storm in a Tea Cup by John Lumbus
by sabine7 / June 21, 2010

Laikingland launched five new kinetic objects in Milan, along the lines of this mechanical storm in a teacup by John Lumbus. Exactly what you didn't know you needed.


Storm in a Tea Cup by John Lumbus

Wind up the waves and rock the boat.


Fingers by Nik Ramage

When you're too busy to tap your own fingers ...


Party-Popper Machine by Martin Smith

This was the Laikingland product that got the most attention. Seemingly innocuous when inactive, this celebration device is described as a nonsense machine designed to help in the firing of party poppers.


Once the big red button is pressed, a loud bang will occur and mini streamers will be released. Those who bold enough to push the button were given safety glasses before operating this device.


Just look at the mess!


Story Time by Atelier NL

What time is it? Well, it depends on where you are in the story.


Applause Machines by Martin Smith

It's nice to have an appreciative audience that's ready at the push of a button.


New Jewellery Box by Atelier Ted Noten

Hard to believe jewellery is being protected by all this machinery. But once activated, the security system relaxes enough to share its contents:


... a single ring.


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