Magis 2010: Spun by Thomas Heatherwick
by sabine7 / May 4, 2010

Magis was a big draw at Il Salone del Mobile, and again, like other manufacturers this year, relied mainly on the products rather than the setting. Marcel Wanders' Sparkling chair has already received a lot of notice, but Spun by Thomas Heatherwick was not without its fair share of fans.


One of the things both chairs have in common is the instant ability to make any viewer want to try them out. They are visually out of the ordinary. But, of course, once seated in Spun, the user can now have a bit of physical fun as well.


If we had a crystal ball in proper working condition, which of these two chairs will leave the longer lasting impression? No, no one said it was a contest; we're just curious.


Cyborg is a series of three more new chairs by Marcel Wanders, who bemoans our inability to invent anything new. Instead he creates some unexpected pairings, adding wicker to the polycarbonate seat.


Tom Dixon's Mesh was surprisingly transparent, despite a dense weave.


The curvy armrests are the draw in Konstantin Grcic's Venice chairs.


And the classic bistro chair gets wrapped in a hint of vines in the Vigna chair, Martino Gamper's first design for Magis.


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