The Usuals by Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe
by sabine7 / May 3, 2010

Usuals is a new range of six basic domestic products by Niels van Eijk & Miriam van der Lubbe that takes us back to a simpler time that is, in fact, right now. The Dutch studio reminds us that there is joy in the use of such common items that have been replaced by faster, easier processes that do not allow us to derive as much pleasure from the acts of doing and being.


Make a healthy lunch and save money when using a Lunch Box instead of relying on faster food options.


Pop the Foot Stove in the oven to absorb the heat for 20 minutes after cooking and you'll be rewarded by 1 1/2 hours of warm feet.


Use a Sewing Kit to fix a loose hem or sew a button back on.


Grow herbs at home in the Greenhouse to cut down on packaged produce from the supermarket.


Make a pot of tea for less than you pay for a cup at the local coffee shop and keep it warm with the Tea Cozy.


Turn your back on the dishwasher and turn dish washing time into family time with Dishwashing Brushes.

These simple, beautiful products are especially noteworthy now, after many of us experienced an extended Design Week because we could no longer rely on common modes of transportation. What if we could not longer use our appliances, grocery stores, and heated flooring?


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