Zuiderzee Settings by Kiki van Eijk
by sabine7 / April 28, 2010

A personal favorite during Milan's Design week was Zuiderzee Settings by Kiki van Eijk, a well-curated exhibition by the Zuiderzee Museum that took place in Ventura Lambrate. The seven pieces of ceramic and wood furniture reflect the museum's applied art collection and the history of the Zuiderzee. These new, contemporary objects refer to everyday life and domestic customs and crafts.


At Home is a seater-cabinet of tulip wood, accompanied by a ceramic bucket and a mohair/lurex/cotton blanket.


Catching Fish demonstrates a clear connection to the sea, or specifically the Ijsselmeer, or former Zuiderzee. A set of jenever cups and bottle sit upon a trolley.


Ceramic cheese reigns from a fold-back table.


The appeal is in the emotional simplicity of the theme and the exquisite craftsmanship of the pieces. It was the type of installation that many could rush through, feeling that perhaps the familiarity was not compelling enough, but it was this connection that was the exhibition's strength.


Even the ceramics' doughy texture signaled a domesticity linked to the kneading of dough and baking of bread. Or the comfort of cushiony linens. It was this notion of comfort that held so much appeal.


Petrol Heat


The Shop with pharmacy pots. This was the best example of the ceramic drawers.

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