Funked Up New Classics by Versace
by sabine7 / April 27, 2010

There is nothing minimalist about the new Versace home collection, but then again, no one expects anything less than full-on luxury from Donatella. There is no shying away from colour and print, from rich, bold brights to calm champagnes and ices and sugar-sweet pastels.



The multi-coloured Bubble Sofa was a personal fave, along with the Harem Chairs, due to the explosion of colour.



Other pieces from the collection include Sunburst, a crystal table that incorporates 14 chromed metal elements that are meant to convey the effects of a solar explosion. There is one multi-coloured version and a neutral one as well.


Narnia is an armoire with an optical-neoclassic pattern inspired by a marble intarsia. The piece is, indeed, quite striking; imposing, even.


The Vanitas armchair has been updated and comes in a wide range of colours to suit every mood.


And the dining table setting was so completely ladylike and feminine that it screamed tea and cakes, and eventual sugar shock.


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