Wonderlamp: Studio Job & Pieke Bergmans at Dilmos
by sabine7 / April 27, 2010

Cast bronze meets mouth-blown crystal when Studio Job collaborates with Pieke Bergmans in the Wonderlamp exhibition of light sculptures presented at the Dilmos Gallery in Milan's Brera district. Everyday implements take on a new aspect as the lit glass balloons out as though frisky marshmallow escaping from the bronze. The seriousness of the bronze objects is made more playful by the addition of light, and captured together the seven items make for an odd fantasy lightscape.


Light spills out of Pan, like dinner bubbling over and out of the pot, yet contained by the lid. Plans quashed.


Wonderlamp hints at the genie that may grant a few wishes.


A cloud of light rises up out of Pipe like a bit of modern surrealism: ceci n'est pas une pipe.


The milky light is transferred from one Can to another, much the way children play with water. A moment frozen in time.


The light hangs heavily from Hanging Lamp, appearing to defy gravity, as does the sagging bar in TL.


The light bursts out of Torch to then keep still in a solid form that adheres the tool to the wall. Is light stronger than matter?

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