Milan Design Week 2010: Delphine Frey, Antonio Lupi, Outofstock...
by Ryan / April 15, 2010

Here are a few items I've seen and noted in Milan so far... At SaloneSatellite The Still Light, above, is an LED lamp powered completely by tomatoes! More after the jump.


The hybrid system integrates organic and metal parts within a single electrical circuit. A big hats off to the whole On Off team from d-Vision.


One of my favorite designers I had the chance to chat with today was Delphine Frey. Pictured above is her multi-colored cabinet with a faceted, pleated design that gradually fades into a flat minimal surface.


This project from Kobe University aims to create a new, reusable material from existing plastic bags. Simply ironing and melting it down creates a much more durable, functional, and beautiful bag.


One of Antonio Lupi's Dressed In Stone winners made up of intersecting glass and marble cubes. The purity of materials and extreme offset of the basin make for an incredibly striking piece.


I'm loving the work that has been coming out of Outofstock lately and the new lamp above is no exception. It has such a great use of materials and really has an old-world type feel when paired.

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