Milan Design Week 2010: Tom Dixon, Maarten Baas, Mathieu Lehanneur...
by Harry / April 13, 2010

MoCo correspondents Sabine, Jaime and Ryan are now all in Milan for Design Week. Here's a quick round-up from Sabine of the "notables" from her first day and evening in the city. Above, Tom Dixon puts 'factory workers' to work making his new Etch lamps. "With all the people coming through Design Week, let's give them something more to buy than just cheese."


Champagne Bar - all work and no play...


Essential is ... bread and water, a public design installation that was like an outdoor soup kitchen where participants were asked to write down what is essential to them. Oddly enough, this rough soup was very satisfying not to mention ironic after a huge dish of risotto at VC, above...


Maarten Baas clock - maybe slapping up a sign is more effective than anything else?


On Tuesday EVERYBODY wanted Mathieu Lehanneur's Once Upon A Dream Bed, designed for a quick and smooth recovery from jet lag.


Via Montenapoleone gets into the spirit.

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